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5 Benefits of an Energy Audit for AC Systems!

Do you ever walk into your office and can just feel it – the air is stuffy and stagnant, wasting energy while also making it uncomfortable? 

Do you have to constantly adjust the thermostat because one room of your office is unbearably hot while another is too chilly? 

Are your AC bills so high that they weigh on your budget every month during summertime? 

You also know that you should be taking steps to save energy, but where do you start? 

We understand why those issues causes frustration – and we have a solution.

An energy audit of your Air Conditioning Systems offers the perfect entry point. 

An energy audit for AC systems is like putting your car in for a tune-up. Just as a tune-up can increase the performance and efficiency of your car, an energy audit can increase the performance and efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Investing in an energy audit can help generate savings in today’s markets while giving you peace of mind and comfort knowing your AC systems are running as efficient as possible.

But how is it done?

Energy audits are imperative to understanding how much energy your AC systems in your office consume. The process of an energy audit involves a detailed review of the current systems and their performance, as well as identifying potential areas where efficiency can be improved. An audit is done by a qualified contractor or third party specialist who will come into your office and carry out an assessment of the existing equipment, ventilation, insulation levels, lighting fixtures, and other components that affect air conditioning usage.

The contractor will first analyze the system’s age and condition to determine if it should be replaced with a newer more efficient model. They also look at any updates or modifications that have been made since installation such as adding insulation or improving airflow within ductwork. The information collected during this process is then used to create an action plan with recommendations tailored specifically for your AC system and facility needs.

So, here are 5 Benefits of an Energy Audit for AC Systems

1- Lower Electricity Bills

An energy audit for your air conditioner systems can offer a number of benefits, including reduced electricity bills. By carefully inspecting, testing and analyzing all the components of an air conditioning system, an energy audit can help identify areas where efficiency and performance are lacking. With this information, you can make changes and improvements to reduce your electricity bills. 

For example, an energy audit may detect issues such as leaking ducts or inefficient insulation that are causing the system to work harder than necessary and driving up your electricity costs. With these problems identified and addressed, you’ll likely see a noticeable reduction in power usage from your air conditioning system. You might also be able to access additional tax credits or rebates for making energy efficiency improvements after undergoing an energy audit.

2- Diagnose Issues Early

One of the key benefits of an energy audit is that it can diagnose issues early. With an energy audit, you can detect any inefficiencies before they become more serious problems down the road. 

For example, if a system isn’t running efficiently due to a clogged filter or loose wiring, the energy audit will pick up on this right away. This allows you to take corrective action quickly and avoid costly repairs later on. In addition, if there are any other parts of your AC system that need servicing or replacing, an energy audit can identify them so they’re taken care of sooner rather than later. Not only does this save you money on repairs in the long run but it also helps ensure that your air conditioning system runs efficiently, potentially reducing your energy bills each month.

3- Longer Equipment Life

An energy audit for your air conditioner systems can be incredibly beneficial – not only will it help you save money on your energy bills, but it can also increase the life of your equipment. An example of this is through a longer-lasting life for your air conditioner system.

When an energy audit is conducted, the professionals are able to identify areas where there are potential problems or issues that could reduce the lifespan of your unit. This includes things like faulty thermostats, clogged filters, or incorrect settings that could lead to an inefficient use of energy and increased wear and tear on the machine. Through detection and resolution of these problems, an energy audit can extend the life expectancy of your AC unit significantly.

4- Enhanced Safety Levels

Not only an energy audit will help in reducing energy costs, but it can also enhance safety levels in the home or workplace. Because, it works by assessing the efficiency of your air conditioning unit and checking for any possible safety issues. This includes inspecting gas connections, checking ventilation systems, and ensuring that all wiring is up-to-date and functioning correctly. This ensures that all electrical components are safe from potential hazards such as fires or shocks. In some cases, an energy auditor may even replace inefficient parts with more efficient ones, further increasing the safety level of your system.

5- Cleaner Air Quality

In terms of air quality, an energy audit will identify any areas where pollutants may be entering the office from outside sources as well as any places where contaminants are building up inside due to poor circulation or inefficient filtration. Depending on what is found, steps can then be taken to reduce contamination and increase air quality while keeping energy costs low. For example, sealing off windows or adding insulation around ducts can help keep contaminants out while new filters with higher MERV ratings can capture more particles in the circulated air.

So, Don’t wait another day to reap the benefits of an energy audit for AC systems. 

Fast track savings and performance efficiency while mitigating potential system disruptions and start experiencing the peace of mind and cost savings an energy audit offers today! 

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