5 Reasons Why Power Quality Audit is as Important as an Energy Audit!

Do you feel powerless in the face of rising power costs? 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your large energy bills, which are consuming a huge chunk of your earnings?  

Are you looking for viable and efficient solutions to reduce your electricity consumption and is interested in finding ways to save money every month? 

With rising energy costs it’s essential that your business take a comprehensive approach to reducing it’s total cost of ownership. 

By performing both a power quality audit and an energy audit, your business can get the most out of its electrical systems and save significant amount annually on resource costs.

Here are 5 reasons why a power quality audit is just as essential an energy audit can be one of the answers.

Reason 1: Cost Benefits

Power quality audits are important for your  business if who want to maximize your savings in terms of energy costs and minimize unpredictable electrical problems that can cause loss of production. An energy audit evaluates how much electricity is being consumed whereas a power quality audit indicates if the electricity being used is within acceptable limits.

Hence, Power quality issues, if left unaddressed, can lead to malfunctions in electrical equipment such as computers and motors, resulting in higher costs for repairs or replacements. And therefore, a power quality audit can help identify these potential problems before they even occur so that appropriate corrective measures can be taken. Additionally, it can also help you detect irregularities such as voltage spikes, harmonics distortions and flicker which can affect the efficiency of equipment as well as result in premature failure or even fire hazards.

Reason 2: Voltage Fluctuations

Voltage fluctuations are one of the main causes of performance issues in electrical systems, and can lead to equipment malfunction, shortened lifetime, and unexpected downtime. It is therefore essential to have a comprehensive power quality audit to identify any voltage fluctuations present in your system. 

The purpose of a power quality audit is to measure the characteristics of the electricity supply such as voltage level, frequency stability, line harmonics and transients. By performing this type of audit on your system you will be able to detect any problems that may occur due to voltage drops or surges which can cause significant damage if not addressed immediately. A qualified professional will be able to assess the condition of your electrical equipment and provide advice on how best to reduce these types of risks for your organisation.

Reason 3: Avoid Costly Damage

This is an important way to avoid costly damage of equipment as it evaluates the performance of electrical systems, ensuring that it meets all safety regulations and does not cause harm or disruption to its environment. In other words, it helps identify potential issues in your system and suggests preventative measures to be taken before any problems arise.

Therefore, Power quality audits are conducted by engineers who check the entire electrical system, from the supply source all the way through the distribution system. They look for any irregularities such as high voltage fluctuations, harmonic distortion, surges or sags in current flow, grounding issues and more. By performing this audit regularly, your business can have a better plan on how to use  electricity and make sure that your equipment remains safe from costly damage caused by these irregularities without risking interruption of production processes or service operations.

Reason 4: Equipment Efficiency

An effective power quality audit is essential to maintain the efficiency of equipment and overall reliability of an electrical system. By conducting a thorough assessment of the electrical system including its components, wiring systems and connection methods, it is possible to detect malfunctions or any irregularities in the power supply. This allows for corrective action to be taken before any damage occurs or before any significant losses occur due to poor power quality. The audit also helps you identify cost effective solutions like upgrades that can improve the efficiency of existing equipment and increase long-term savings on your operating costs.

Reason 5: Safe Working Environment

A safe working environment is one of the most important factors in any business today. Not only does it help to keep employees safe, it also helps increase productivity and improve morale. This is why a power quality audit is key to ensuring that all safety requirements are met and exceeded.

So to do that, the auditor takes into account the electrical system of your business including wiring, lighting, office equipment, computers and other electric devices. It checks for any potential hazards such as loose connections or faulty wiring that could cause electric shock or fire. The audit also ensures that any electrical equipment used meets all applicable safety standards, this can include testing outlets for proper grounding and checking overload protection circuits on machines to ensure they won’t be overloaded if multiple appliances are plugged in at once.

So, don’t delay your power quality audit–the longer you delay, the further behind your competition you’ll be. 

Take advantage of the five reasons why an energy audit is critical now and insure a competitive edge using an independent power quality audit! 

It’s time to invest in the security of your energy resources today and protect yourself from those hidden malfunctions that can cost thousands. 

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